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The mystery that surrounds the days of man, take your mind determines his steps, absorb your time, guiding their projects and hardly lets stand - the intense search for peace and happiness.
            This mystery, in the eyes of the deluded and reckless human being, usually address each other in many ways.
            Some say that this state of mind, is located in the financial independence, however, constantly seeing people well favored financially by taking their own lives because they found no money in this as well as desired.
            Others claim that such conditions are found in professional achievement, but when they reach this ideal battled so, reveal themselves frustrated because there found valuable asset so sought after.
            There are still those who blindly believe that happiness and peace that so desired, find themselves in the company of loved one, but when the adversities of everyday harm the environment harmonious communion involving the couple, one concludes that there are not also the said as mined.
            There are also less pretentious than settle for a quiet life, simple and without many goals and they say it is for their own happiness and that's the environment you want peace, still quarrel, murmur and fall in the practice of gossip when encounter the first obstacle, leaving crumble all conviction that exhibited about the possible address this treasure so struggled.
People seek here and there, contend, pan for, pursue, eagerly seeking this blistering time and in other, distant experience a taste offered by misleading realizing that they are on track and then intensify their actions in pursuit of the abstract goal, often traveling paths nefarious and woe to those who cross them direction ... but get frustrated every time you are faced with the sad reality revealing the effort in vain.
The wily foe, taking place seeing the despair of man, his easy prey, seizes the right moment and deceives even more offering false addresses leading a fool to occupy their days in this pilgrimage useless.

Indicates the deceiver with irony:

"What you seek is both living in the most imposing mountains, where you could only hear the birds singing communication of irrational beings and the sound of water rolling down the mountain."
But the mountains "says to say" that there is not that lasting peace and happiness we so desire.
To delight in the frustration of man the wily enemy insists again:
"Look in a valley where the grass sprout with all exuberance, and satisfaction with their majestic environment."
"But the valley is quick to deny: He is not here."
"Then go live in a beautiful deserted beach where the presence of man little bother, insists the bad steward."
"The deserted beaches bounce vehemently here also is not."
"Try again, in a discreet corner of tranquil waters and serene, where calm slides over the blade of the aquatic environment."
"But this beautiful place, inform rapidly: that lasting peace and happiness fully, did not go through here."

            A secular artist made certain defined: "Happiness .... is a tiny town, is a house is a hill that lights anywhere. "
Many have tried to confirm, but found that the information was distorted.
Another artist said after insistent search:

"Happiness does not exist, that there are happy moments in life."

Gets to be boring watching the rushes - rushes of people insisting on pure uselessness and with great sadness that we see the direction misleading absorbs human being is capable of committing any folly and even acts of barbarism, this quest hallucinating, but completely useless, because it made so absolutely wrong.


Happiness and peace enduring, yes there are, and they are not in money, not in the professional accomplishment, are not found in the loved person, much less a house hidden in a corner.
This much desired state of mind can be in the middle of the desert under the scorching sun plaguing that place, or in a crate cock - a - chop, isolated and far from all resources, or a shack of the most violent slums, where the crossfire between traffickers threatens the lives of everyone all the time, or even in the royal palaces, or anywhere, provided that:


Caught my attention a fact narrated by certain citizens, involving the exploits of some artists.

 Lord said that:

Was asked several artists who did a drawing in which to recant their ways to address the lasting peace and bliss:
Each presented a different scenario, and most emphasized the beauty of a lush place marked by the perfection of nature and the diverse beauty of creation, but there was an artist who brought a very different work:

"On that artist was scheduled the figure of a beautiful waterfall, and" walk "just stood a bush, being one of the branches of the plant growing toward the center of that cascade, so that the volume of rushing water almost touched that limb alone, and this branch a couple of tiny birds built their nest, their eggs hatched and raised their young with all joy without even caring about the danger threatening waters breaking right there close to their nest, all the time.
That artist explained that those birds lived in peace and were happy despite the danger threatening passing very close, they were cared for by the mighty hand of the Creator, GOD ALMIGHTY.

Something very important reveals the Word of God:

            The Lord created man entered him His image and his likeness.
            Here is a great mystery that God's people need to understand:

            The spirit of man is only complete with the Spirit of the Creator, given the similarity that exists between them, and went to live in communion and harmony with his Creator, that man was created.

            This situation gives the human being a sense of constant dependence on the presence of the Almighty, this dependence that can never be filled by any resource material nature.


            That is why, the man will never find lasting peace and bliss, away from the presence of his Creator.


            Once reached this understanding, the first thing that the sinner must take is to fully surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then the Holy Spirit comes to teach the new convert right conduct so that he can live constantly in the presence of God.
            I have learned a lot with the Holy Spirit, but a lesson should earn a place in the new believer and I have saved and tried to practice in my day-to-day. Here's an event that occurred to me:

One day the Lord began to speak to me very closely, guiding me about what he plans to those who identify with the work of Christ:
I was "traveling" thinking, dreaming and planning a beautiful future for my kids and talking to God about my intentions.

(I have three children, for whom I cherish a love immeasurable and I prayed that God would never allow disunity among them. Actually I can not stand the slightest sign of disagreement and happens when a little misunderstanding, I collect myself soon to resolve the matter and restore joy and peace among fraternal brothers.)

It was just one of those moments that God has called my attention to a fact most remote and farthest. I felt the Lord's voice loud and clear, asking me:

"Joaquim ... The people of Israel expected today for a Messiah warrior, fighter, battle man who could help them destroy their enemies ...:
How do you understand the fact that they have been sent a humble man, simple, which promotes peace and avoiding wars, suffering in silence, does not respond, murmurs and is always willing to turn the other cheek when attacked?
I wondered for a moment, before I offer any response the Lord hastened me:
"See, Joaquim their three children. If anything there was a disagreement between them, and one of them comes to you asking for help in order to help defeat the other, how would you conduct?

To which I replied immediately:

Lord ... I would never take any action that would favor one child over another. The only solution I could adopt was to promote peace between the two and restore fellowship and love between them, because not even conviveria with the possibility of disagreement within the family.

Upon hearing my considerations the Lord returned:

For, you see Joaquim ... Just as you love your children and not support the disunity between them, I also love all my children, whether Jews, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Africans, Americans, etc.. I also can not stand the disunity between them, for that reason I would never send a Messiah for the purpose of blessing and curse each other.
Thus, Joaquim .. to love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself, constitute the strongest teachings of Scripture, AND SHOULD BE PUT INTO PRACTICE CONTINUOUSLY FOR ALL THOSE WISHING TO WALK IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD.

There's my dear reader, friend or brother, the secret to achieving lasting peace and bliss:


Whoever commits such commands will always be ready to forgive, is incapable of doing evil to others, hold grudges, grievances or any feeling that endangers the perfect relationship between similar, and therefore will always be doing the will of God, YOU Pleases THE LORD WILL BE FILLING THE HEART OF GOD OF JOY, just walk in your presence and that is exactly sublime territory and only it, you can find LASTING PEACE, JOY AND HAPPINESS THE COMPLETE FULL.

The Lord was very clear when he left this school:

Teacher, which is the great commandment in the law?
And Jesus said to him:
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
This is the first and great commandment.

The second, similar to this is:
Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. Matthew 22:36-40

                   The Apostle Paul and PA. Thiago also taught:

            Owe no one anything, except to love, that you love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.
Indeed Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, do not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet, and if there is any other commandment, it is summed up in this word: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.
Love worketh no ill to his neighbor. So that compliance with the law is love. Romans 13:8-10
For all the law is fulfilled in one word, in this: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself Galatians 5:14
If ye fulfill, according to Scripture, the royal law, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself, ye do well.
But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors. James 2:8-9

                        We conclude this study with this important information:

                        If someone wants to be happy and live in peace perfectly understand that you can only find lasting peace and happiness in the full presence of the Lord and to get to live in this coveted territory simply, whenever we do the Father's will, obeying and practicing His wonderful teachings contained in the Holy Scriptures, in particular:

                        Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all your and all your mind and

                        Love thy neighbor as thyself.


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